Impact by Geography

Carbon Emissions

Annual total production-based emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂), excluding land-use change, measured in tonnes per person. This is based on territorial emissions, which do not account for emissions embedded in traded goods.

Carbon Consumption

Annual consumption-based emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂), measured in tonnes per person. Consumption-based emissions are national or regional emissions which have been adjusted for trade (i.e. territorial/production emissions minus emissions embedded in exports, plus emissions embedded in imports). If a country's consumption-based emissions are higher than its production emissions it is a net importer of carbon dioxide. 

From a final consumer perspective, this is the most appropriate view. Changing individual behavior impacts the emissions consumed, while emissions are impacted by decisions made by industries and companies.

Carbon Emissions and Consumption in the World

In the following map and tables we will present, for your reference, the average impact per inhabitant in each region or country.

Whenever data is available, we will use the metric of average Carbon Consumption per inhabitant instead of average Emissions per inhabitant, for the reason presented above.

CO2 emissions by Region

CO2 emissions by Country (A-C)

CO2 emissions by Country (D-K)

CO2 emissions by Country (L-P)

CO2 emissions by Country (Q-U)

CO2 emissions by Country (V-Z)